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Wrecks at South Gare

Afridi Described at the time of loss as a British ex-destroyer of 872 yons, this wreck has been surveyed by divers and is well dispersed in position !.76 miles .076 degrees from South Gare, in a depth of 18m Aproximate poistion 54 39 34N 01 05 26.5W. Dimensions were 250ft long by 25ft beam.

Guildford. This 1871ton collier was built in 1953 by Burntiland Ship Building Company for South East Gas Board, London. She was 265ft long with a beam of 39ft and was powered by an 8 cylinder oil engine. The guildford was abandoned after collision on March 10 1954, and sank in position 54 38 31N 01 06 13W. She appears as foul on the 10m depth contour. Admiralty Chart No 134; no diving information on her is avalilable. Near the same location the Royal Navt Collier Lemnos, 1530 tons was lost on December 16 1915.

La Basiase or (La Bastaise). A french patrol vessel lost at the mouth of the tees on June 22 1940. Position given as 54 39 36N 01 07 04W. Charting details indicate that the depth there is 13m.

Harraton On April 19 1896, the steamship Harraton sank on the approaches to Teesmouth after a collsion with the Engineer of London. Position is estimated as 54 39 15.50N 01 05 12W, 1,78 miles 282 degrees from South Gare Light. The conditions of the wreck is lickely to be poor owing to dispersal operations.

Harvest The British Steamship, of 1338 tons, sank at South Gare after a collision with the SS Regent, on September 12 1889. The Harvest was outward bound with a cargo of pig iron at the time. At the same site are the wrecks of the Steamtrawler Victory which was wrecked on November 11 1897, together with the tug Ida Duncan, of 139 tons lost on 31 January 1917. A little to the east can be found the remains of the Stirling which sank on January 29 1920.

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