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Wrecks at Redcar Rocks

Fairplay II. Built in Hamburg in 1921, this 282 ton stem tug was originally names Fairplay XIV. She came into ownership of the Fairplay Towage and Shipping Company of London in the late 1930's and was requisitioned by the admiralty in 1939. Fairplay II was wrecked on Salt Scar Rocks, Redcar on March 2 1940 in position 54 37 37N 01 03 00W. The remains of the vessel now lie in a gully on the end of the Scar and is of course well broken up. Dimensions 119 ft by 24 ft. Wreck bears 43 degrees magnetic from the lifeboat slip.

Montauban. On January 9 1940, the French collier Montauban ran ashore on the Salt Scar rocks at Redcar, and broke up in the gale afterwards, in position 54 37 45N 01 02 27W. The 419ton Montauban was on route to Marseilles from the Tyne with coal, and was built by the Forth Ship uilding and Engineering Company in 1920. Owned by the Compagnie Delmas Freres et Vieljeux her dimensions were 364.4 by 52.8 by 24.3 feet and her triple expansion steam engines, by Armstrong Whitworth of Newcastle, were of 347 horsepower. The wreck is well dispersed at the north-east point of the Salt Scars in 4-5m at low tide. The engines and prop shaft are still there to find, but be wary of diving outside slack water in strong spring tides. Best dives within 2 hours of low water. Wreck bears 55 degrees magnetic, three quarters of a mile from the lifeboat slip.

Dimitris This 5250 ton Greek Steamer, ex Michel L Embiricos ex War Malayan, ran into the East Scar rocks, Redcar, at 9.30pm on December 13 1953 and subsequently became a total loss. Dimitris had been a regular visitor to the Tees under her previous name and was carrying iron ore from Boma, North Africa to Middlesbrough. Redcar lifeboat City of Leeds, and inshore fishing boats successfully rescued the crew of 36, despite heavy swell. The wreck has been considerably dispersed and partly salvaged but substantial amounts of wreckage remain, the boiler being visable at low water.Position for the Dimitris is 54 37 15N 01 01 40W. She was dispersed in 1954. Her dimensions were 412ft long with a beam of 52ft. Engines T.3cy 3SB 9CF.

Teesdale. This 2470 ton steamer foundered 3 miles north of Saltburn on August 2, 1917 despite surviving a torpedo attack in the English Channel earlier in June, after she was beached. She was bound for the Tees for repair and it is possible that the damage she sustained was responsible for her subsequent sinking. Dimensions of the ship were 310ft long by 44.2ft beam, built in 1904 by Ropner & Son and owned by the same company; T.3cy.

Hendrika This 810 ton coaster capsized after runningagound south of the Salt Scar Rocks, Redcar on May 4 1973, whilst on route from Aberdeen with grain. An attempt at salvage failed and the wreck was dispersed with explosives, but still parts are still recognisable. Lying in just seven meters of water the wreck makes a good dive training site. Position 54 37 34N 01 02 54W.

John Miles This is an obstruction on fishermans charts and could be the resting place of the trawler Recepto sunk by mine on February 17 1917. The position of the obstruction is 54 38 00N 00 53 61W.

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