bell from Taurus

THERE are many wrecks to be found, some of which are war losses, others down to navigation error and accidents, with some caused when vessels were simply overwhelmed by severe weather and winter storms.

Much of the work done by the Jane 'R' is on the many and varied wrecks to be found in the waters off Scotland, Denmark and Norway. The North sea is of particular interest to the skipper, having spent the last twenty years systematically locating diving & identifying many hundreds of wrecks all across the North Sea from Jutland Bank to Holland in the east & most areas from Scapa to the outer banks in the southern North sea. Listed below are just a few, others will be added in due course. A page dedicated to bells and other declared artefacts is currently under construction!

Wrecks visited in Scotland

Wrecks visited in Norway

Wrecks visited in North Sea

If you stumble across a new wreck all finds should be reported to the Marine Coastguard Agency!

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