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Norway 2013 Expeditions

Some notes on travelling to Bergen and Narvik.

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Summer expeditions from Bergen
For the dedicated and adventurous diver, Jane'R' can get you to wrecks other divers never see. You can be actively involved in the research and planning & team work essential in expeditions of this type! These 10 day trips may be extended to include Northern & Southern Norway, Denmark, or the Baltic and other destinations of your choice. The skipper has 30 years experience diving the wrecks around these areas. By popular request from regular divers, Jane'R' will be diving her way to Narvic & Lofoten in Northern Norway during this summer. At Narvic there are numerous WW2 warships and merchantships, the result of two naval battles. Jane'R' is licensed to dive at these exclusive sites. At Lofoten there are many islands with some of the best scenery in Norway. Every year Jane'R' discovers new wrecks in this area.

Divers are picked up from the ferry terminal in Bergen, with diving starting on the day of arrival on intact wrecks in none-tidal clear sheltered water. The wrecks in this locality include large WW2 Freighters sunk while at anchor, close under the cliffs in the fjords.

The sheltered locations of many of these wrecks (we have now found 75 in the last 8 years) means that they are often near the surface whilst the remainder of the wreck is at a gradual incline suitable for novices and experts alike with no special equipment being necessary. The water temperature is similar to Scotland, 15C surface and around 8C at depth.

Scenic diving is everywhere with prolific marine life and unfamiliar species on walls and wrecks. Almost continuous daylight presents excellent photographic opportunities above and below water. The weather at this time of year is usually more stable than the UK adding to your enjoyment. There is no fixed itinerary whilst cruise-diving the fjords, with so many sites to explore your involvement is most welcome. Diver or non-diver you will be impressed with this beautiful country.

The convenience of diving from the Jane'R' give you the opportunity to dive numerous sites every day. We pass interesting sites all the time that need checking out. As divers we recognise the benefits of Nitrox, O2 is now readily available from our own bank for safety & for suitably qualified divers who want to maximise their dives. When using a suitable computer, you really do see and dive the difference. All the boats cylinders are O2 clean.